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You can reach our technical customer support between 8am and 5pm via phone 020 7345 752 or via e-mail We can help you in Finnish or in English.

You can also leave a call request to the customer service number 24/7. If necessary, you can also reach our on-call customer service outside working hours from the same number.

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Our experts are at your service via phone 020 7345 755 or via e-mail


E-invoice address: 003724432350
Operator:Apix Messaging Oy

Paper and e-mail invoices

S1 Networks Oy (Apix scanning service)
PL 16112

Please notice that you will have to print the address on the invoice itself, not just on the envelope that the scanning service can handle it correctly. This postal address is strictly for invoices, other mail needs to be send to our old postal address.

S1 Networks Ltd’s e-mail address for scanning services:


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