Local area network to every nook. Comprehensively.

Our experts will come to your office to measure and plan the local area network free of charge. You can get the local area network as a full service package or piece by piece – updating and developing your current system little by little.

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We advise our customers to get the local area network that reaches the whole office space as a service. These days most businesses want to get the services and devices delivered as part of a package rather than to purchase them and own them. For a fixed monthly fee we offer trustworthy local area network, all the devices it requires, installation and maintenance. We will deliver the services and units to you. All you have to do is pay for the usage. Simple.

S1 Local network service includes:

  • Devices, installation and maintenance.
  • 24/7 surveillance and control.

  • Solving any issues remotely or in your business’ premises.

  • Clear monthly rates without hidden costs.

  • Wireless system tailored for your needs: WLAN switch and WLAN base station(s).


Do you need also a optical fiber internet? Take a combination!

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