FAQ, optical fibre connection

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FAQ, optical fibre connection


Here are some frequently asked questions related to optical fibre connections. ”If there are any other questions, please get in touch”, says Mika Baggström, sales director.

You can send your questions to us: myynti@s1networks.fi

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Optical fibre connection, getting and building it

What are optical fibre connection, copper connection and cable connection?

They are all fixed broadband connection possibilities. It is possible to have internet connection either via different fixed broadband connections or mobile connection by using the mobile network.

The fixed broadband connections use for data transfer either optical fibre technology, copper cables of the telephone lines or cable television network. Optical fibre connection is the fastest and most stable of the broadband technologies. The data moves very quickly via a thin glass fibre-optic cable by using laser light. The capacity of optical fibre is almost limitless.

What does business optical fibre connection mean? Does it differ somehow from a regular optical fibre network?

Business optical fibre service is quite vague term that can include different kinds of services depending on the service provider. For us at S1 Networks business optical fibre service means that the internet connection and interfaces are optical fibre from the beginning to the end. Our whole network is based on the optical fibre that has been built on a super-fast back bone network that we oversee, maintain and operate by ourselves.

For many service providers their optical fibre may end up in a serving area distribution point, and from there to the customer’s premises with a copper technique. If this is the case, it is a little misleading to talk about optical fibre connection. The performance and trustworthiness are significantly weaker in connections that have been built with copper wiring, compared to the optical fibre connection. Also, the devices are most often consumer quality, and they can slow down over time.

Our business interfaces include devices that are much better quality than the ones used in home interfaces. They will not slow down or require reboots. We monitor the connections all the time. We react to possible disruptions instantly and repair the faults usually in less than two hours. We have our own engineers that are always ready to go and they are on standby around the clock.

What is included in the optical fibre service package?

Optical fibre connection is a clean and direct connection to the worldwide internet network. Most of our customers also ask for a wireless internal network, and for a router between the internal network and internet or a firewall.

If your company does not have these yet, it is worth it to take them as a package from us. Take a closer look:  https://s1networks.fi/valokuitu/

You can also have the devices for the internal network from us as a package. We can make you a turnkey package that will include a plan for a wireless network designed exactly for your business’ premises and user amounts. Read more about it: https://s1networks.fi/lahiverkko/

If your company has connection problems despite having a well performing optical fibre connection, the internal network may be the issue. This is often forgotten and may work as a bottleneck, disrupting the connection to the world.

What do I have to take in consideration when our company wants to get an optical fibre connection?

There are big differences between different business interfaces and companies that provide them. Even if the capacity of the connection (speed) is good, it does not mean that the website would open instantly. Another important factor is the delay, how quickly the request goes from the work station to the destination through the service provider’s network and the internet.

Hundreds of similar request packages are sent out, and they go back and forth between the user’s computer and, for example, the server that runs the website. The shorter the delay, the faster the website opens. If you compare optical fibre connection and wireless connection using a 4G connection with the same speed, the difference is like day and night.

S1’s network the delays are extremely small and top class. There are not many devices in our network and each of these devices is the best that money can buy. When it comes to the bigger service providers, their networks are more complex and the large amount of devices increase the delay.

Can I have S1 Networks optical fibre connection, no matter where I live in Finland?

Yes. We co-operate with national and international operators. If our network does not reach somewhere particular, we can always rent connections from our partners.

We are constantly expanding our network. At this point we have focused on the areas that have a lot of business premises. The areas that can be reached easily with public transport or road network. However, if you are interested in getting our optical fibre connection, we encourage you to get in touch. We can find out for you if it can be done in your area!

If there is not optical fibre connection already in place, what do you do then?

If there does not happen to be an optical fibre connection already in place, in most cases it is possible to build one. The building project takes about 6-10 weeks and it is preferred to build the connection when the ground is not frozen. If the build happens during the winter months, the costs may be significantly higher.

If an existing core network is already in place nearby the company’s premises, it is rare that the customer would have to pay for the building costs.

The construction and planning work is always done by an external company. If there is a need to dig up a road, the needed permissions will be taken care of with the city.

In most cases the buildings tend to have readymade pipes for the connections, that there is no need to dig up the yard. If not, then suitable pipes will be dug into the ground, and within these pipes the core fibre connection will be taken into the building’s distribution cabinet. The work is usually done quickly and so that there will not be much disturbance to the building.

Can we get an internet connection via S1 Networks also to our offices outside of Finland?

It takes only one phone call to us to get an internet connection abroad. We will find the best and most cost effective solution from that particular country for your company. The service is the same to your company as if you were getting an internet connection to your other office in Finland: we will get you good, trustworthy, secure and monitored connections everywhere. We can also find out beforehand what kind of connections are available in your area.

The business internet connection we offer for abroad can be equated to our optical fibre connections we offer within Finland. It is like the edge of your internal network that just widens abroad.

The equipment needed for optical fibre

What is the business optical fibre made out of? What components do you use?

The core optical fibres that lead into local centres have been duplicated, so if there is a fault in one fibre it will not affect the customer connections.

From the centre to the buildings there is usually only one fibre, but this can also be duplicated with another fibre or via mobile network.

In the basement of the building there is usually a quality optical fibre switch. All the different customers in the building get their dedicated connection via this switch. The connection comes to the switch from the centre with speed of 10GB, which means that we can offer 1GB connections to many of our customers in that particular building.

From the basement into the customer’s premises, there will be so called vertical fibre-optic which is used to connect the main device with the S1 Networks’ optical fibre switch.

The end customer will receive a leased device from us that is part of the connection fees. The connection can also be used via customer’s own devices.

Why should one buy optical fibre’s devices as a service? Do you sell devices also separately without the service?

Yes, of course we sell the devices that optical fibre connection requires also directly without the service. But if the devices are owned by the customer, you will need to be able to maintain them yourself. Our service module includes maintenance of the devices, so the costs of the devices themselves is fairly small.

To be able to maintain a wireless connection you will need the knowhow and the knowledge of radio network as well. The network can be put up by anyone, but to be able to optimize it requires expertise. We have put together hundreds of wireless local networks and our experts really know what they are doing.

Our services include planning, implementation and measuring to make sure that no nook in the customer’s premises is without the internet. For the same price we also sort out possible malfunctions or bottlenecks that may occur.

When we provide the connection as a service, the responsibility is clear. If there is some hiccup, a phone call or a message to us is enough. If the devices that are part of the service we provide fails, an S1 engineer will replace the devices without a request.

Pricing of the optical fibre

What does the monthly fee of optical fibre connection include?

The price of the connection varies depending on the speed and the level of service. There are three levels of service, and they determine how quickly a possible malfunction will be fixed when it occurs.

On top of this, possible additional services like wireless internet or firewall service will bring a little extra to the connection fee.

The monthly fee includes one public fixed IP address as standard which is enough for most of our customers. It is possible to get more IP addresses for a small fee, how many are is needed.

Read more: https://s1networks.fi/valokuitu/

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