The quickest and most trustworthy optical fibre connection for your business. Always.

Service that you can trust. Super fast business internet connection.

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We believe in S1 Networks’ services:

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Is there enough kick in your connection? Are you fed up with the slow connection?

We provide a wide range of internet and phone connection for your business that will keep your staff busy at work and users happy. Without breakages.

Optical fibre network

Usability 99.9%
Back-up connection

Mobile switchboard

Group invitations
Call back service
Call recording


Local area network

User control
Base stations

Information security

Cloud-based firewall
DoS security

Upgrade your network speed to the speed of light

  • Optical fibre network is always more trustworthy than copper network.
  • Fixed IP addresses.

  • Uninterrupted connection and network backup.

  • Personal customer service available 24h.

  • 30 day guarantee or you get your money back.

  • The best value for money – affordable prices starting from 69 € per month.

S1 Networks’ mobile switchboard answers, transfers and records your calls. Always.

  • Affordable, starting from 3.50€ per month per user.
  • It will improve your business’ service.

  • Invoicing is based on usage.

  • No need to invest in equipment.

Local area network – no nook without a connection.

For a fixed monthly rate we will provide your business with a local area network that will always work. We will take care of delivering the equipment, installation, coverage area measurement, and maintenance. The prices start from 25 € per month. 

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