Why choose an optical fibre network? Online at the speed of light. Always.

We provide Finland’s fastest and most trustworthy optical fibre network. Our optical fibre network reaches throughout the whole of Finland. We can also provide you an internet connection abroad.

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Optical fibre is the fastest and most secure way to execute a business network.

We provide Finland’s fastest optical fibre connection. We can connect your business’ offices in Finland and around the world to one internal network. Information travels fast and safely, and you can organize your online meetings in your own business network.

Check what your connection would cost!

Check out what the optical fibre network would cost for the speed that you want and with the additional services you want.

The prices are valid within the area of our wide network. Send us your contact details and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Do you need also a local area network? Take a combination!


Optical fibre package with full service for your business

IP VPN for connecting the offices

For you as a customer this means less servers and firewalls, one internet connection for all the offices, big bandwidth, very little delay and high usability. So basically easy maintenance and less costs.

Fixed IP address

Our optical fibre connection includes a fixed IP address as a standard feature.

Service level agreement

Our technical helpdesk is available from Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm. The reachability is between 99,6% and 99,8%, depending on the package.

Symmetrical connection

With a symmetrical connection both the sending and receiving of information occurs equally fast. Our optical fibre connections are always symmetrical.

Effortless installation

Installing the connection is very easy. We will take care of all the matters related to transferring the interface – installing the units and maintaining them – as well as taking care that there will not be any cuts in the internet connection. We will turn up, get the connection all set up and make sure that it will work instantly.

24/7 surveillance

S1 Networks’ connection surveillance operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

4G back up connection (additional service)

The connections can be duplicated either with a fixed or a wireless connection.

During a malfunction, all of the data or the critical data will be routed via the fixed back up connection.

SD-WAN (additional service)

We offer internet connections and other services that will connect your offices together around the world, whatever your business needs.

Is downloading or sending files taking too long?

With a good internet connection, both sending and downloading data is just as quick. S1 Networks is Finland’s pioneer when it comes to symmetrical optical fibre connections. We offer you the fastest and most trustworthy optical fibre connection. Always.

50/50 Mbps

100/100 Mbps

250/250 Mbps

500/500 Mbps

1/1 Gbps

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